Find Your Tribe

Today at work 2  friends of mine brought me a gift. Swear word socks from Blue Q (my favorite thing) and a couple of other thoughtful things along with a hilarious card. It was a congratulations for graduating therapy gift. Last night my best friend took me to dinner and we talked about how awesome I am and ate delicious food to celebrate. I have had so many other people reach out with kind words of support. You guys this is what it is all about. Community.

I have struggled with deep bouts of depression before and it was so hard to get out of. The thing about this time was that even though it was the worst bout ever and I was the lowest I’ve ever been it seemed a little easier to get out. Not faster by any means, but a little less work. There was one big difference. This time I had people.  I had support. I was not alone.

This time I didn’t do it all on my own, hiding my struggle pretending I was okay while I was secretly dying inside. This time I put it all out there and that made all the difference. On the worst days I could share my struggles and find real love and support. I had people reach out and say, “I’ve done this before and I know how hard it is. You are strong. You can do this. We need you.” And even though it didn’t make it better it did make me feel less alone and that alone feeling is the one that usually pushes me over the edge. That alone feeling is the one that makes me lose hope.

Part of the power of depression is its ability to make you feel alone. To make you feel isolated. To get in our head and make us think that nobody would even care if we weren’t here. Sharing our struggles and finding a strong support system can take some of that power away.

There is nothing wrong with struggling. It happens to so many people. The thing that is bad is when we think there is something wrong with us because of it. When we think we are less than. When we think we are weak. When we believe we are failing because this doesn’t happen to everyone else. When we start to believe that little voice in our brain that tells us the world would be better without us. The support of others in our struggles can quiet that voice.

If you are struggling I encourage you to share it with someone. You don’t have to be crazy like me and spread it all over the interwebs for all to see. But find some people. Find a community of people that will love and support you without judgment. You will be surprised at how many people in your circle have struggled just like you. And you will be surprised at who steps up for you. There are so many people out there ready to support you and love you through this. Find your tribe guys. Because it is worth it. And so are you ❤

Let’s smash the shit out of this stigma.20180212_165807

2 thoughts on “Find Your Tribe

  1. Thank you for the truth and honesty of this post.

    I’m beginning to believe that all of us will go through depression at least once; others of us will live with it reoccurring in our lives. If we can be a community that supports each other, we can all do better than just survive.


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